Friday, August 24, 2012

My very vocal Tonkinese & Edwina at work...

Last weekend the online miniature show was on again ( thank you Shelly Norris for all your hard work ! ) I enjoyed looking at all the tables ( well, virtual tables, that is ) and seeing many sellers that I either did not know of or had no access to, otherwise.
Anyway, I did fall for a  miniature cat again, made by Sue Veeder  and it arrived at breakneck speed ; I ordered on Friday and it arrived yesterday.That is one fast swimmer. Maybe customs 7 posties got tired of the noise coming from the package ...?
I have put her up in my mad-cat lady's house. She may still move yet, though.

                                                             But isn't she adorable??

On the kitchen table is really the best place for any cat, I am afraid....

While I was at it, I also added some very small nice kitties I found when on holidays , to the front of the cat                lady's house :

                               I made a set of towels for Edwina, too, so she has got to work now.

PS : I have found the button for my tags again ( after Google placed it somewhere else I could not find it,stoopidly, but I have made tags for my rcecent posts now, so that you can refer to them, if wanted)


  1. Lovely kitty, Sue is teaching "sculpting a Maine Coon cat" at Castine next year.

  2. Hoi Elly,

    Het is zeker een leuke kat. Past mooi bij je enorme verzameling katten.

    Fijn weekend Xandra

  3. The new kitty is adorable, and I'm sure that Edwina is happy to have something to hold in her hands :) Hugs, Sandie