Friday, August 31, 2012

The aftermath of the online miniature show

Glory be! My loot starts turning up in earnest now, so lots of pics....
I received some whimsical teapots and a mushroom with a hangover , made by Loredana Tonetti ( Lory's little things)

                                                   A romantic teapot with roses:

This one has found room in my tearoom ( an online workshop by Cynthia Howe)

                                  And these two teapots were sooooo funny, I couldn't resist:

                                 ( yes, they both do have lift-off covers, as has the rose teapot)

                                  I also saw a nice mushroom with a hangover and in very bad humour:

                             Which , of course , was delegated to the mouse house :-) Poor meeces....

                                                                         OK , next !

I also received the flowers I had bought from Pim Sukkerd in Bangkok, Thailand ( sorry, no website, I have nearly begged her to make one or to make her preence more known by blog, whatever. She can be found on Facebook, though). My, that gal makes wonderful flowers!

                                                       First : this vase of mixed flowers

                                going to live in a separate posh roombox ( yes , I am a posh lady....)

                                                     Lilies, for now in the selfsame roombox

                                  Roses.... They have such a wonderful warm pink/ orange color !
                               So decided to  put them on the dining table in the Kendrew House

                                                              But I ran into a bit of trouble here:

When I first put the roses onto the table I discovered that the silver was very dirty and needed to be cleaned and the wonderful dinnerware ( Stokesay , no less, giggle) , so I sighed, cleaned the table off  and cleaned all little thingies on it.

                  I love that table, btw, it was made by the late Allan McKirdy. He was a lovely man.

                                                                  I also bought some irises:

They were in a basket, so I thought I had better put them into Bluebell cottage, my adorable little cottage

                                                                     OK, next :

I had also fallen for some of Ludwina's hand-knotted carpets! Never having seen them "in person" , but having heard how wonderful they were, I nosed around at her "table"at the on-line show. One of the great things is, you have the dolls house sitting next to you while choosing a carpet, so I looked with my ruler and decided which color I wanted .

                                                     Yesterday they also arrived...

             And with a cleaned-up dinner table I could finally lay this wonderful carpet in the dining room !
                In deference to Ludwina's artwork, I put aside some chairs for one of the pictures:

                                                And here is the setting as it looks now.
                                   The rug looks somewhat blue in the pic, but in person is it darker.

The second rug , the small one, went into the young ladys'bedroom ( the only bedroom I have got, except for those of my housemaid, all others must sleep in the gutter, I am afraid)

Onthe right hand side you see a youthful sin of mine, a carpet I stitched eaons ago. It will be replaced, eventually, by something stitched on gauze, but I have a  bucket list of stitching to do, so that won't be soon, I am afraid :-)

                                                  The third was one of the little kitty mats

That went into the cat lady's house, of course !

And I also received, earlier this week, lovely sets of correspondence etc from Montserrat Folch ( Spain)

I snagged these pics from her website, as it was hard for me to photograph them . At least my dolls are going to have some social life now, I hope .

Soooooooo you can see, I had a LOT of fun at the on line show and I want to thank Shelly Norris for all the work she has done !
It is so nice to see work by people that either you did not know of, or that you could not buy at the web otherwise, or sometimes, just to dive in and look what you find :-) And happily looking / browsing for a morning behind your coffee ( I love minishows, but always need more coffee than I have time for and my feet , even in sneakers , will kill me) has definitely its points.


  1. Glad you had fun at the show! With just having spent a fortune on a new lathe, I could only look this time. But don't worry, I will be saving up for Rheda next year.

    Love all your loot and the variety, the flowers are my favorite, I am looking forward to see them for real next June!

  2. Forgot to say, I would love to see Ludwina's rugs, ha, I was eyeing the Kitty rug that you bought on her website a few weeks ago, but decided to wait for now, glad you got it, you have good taste I must say ;-)

  3. Wat een enorme hoeveelheid prachtige miniaturen laat je in dit artikel zien. Je theepotjes vind ik echt heeeeel mooi.

    Groetjes Xandra

  4. Wonderful items! I saw that caterpillar tea pot and instantly loved it! The flowers are magnificent! Congrats on a successful shopping "trip." :D

  5. Wunderschöne Minis....!

    Liebe Grüße

    PuNo / Monika

  6. Wonderful purchases! Your cat lady's house really made me laugh out loud, because each room in my Victorian Dad's Dollhouse has a single cat, and sometimes my husband tells me it is beginning to look like a cat lady's house! I'll have to show him yours! LOL xo Jennifer

  7. This is from Drora, I accidentally deleted it on that stoopid Ipad:

    Stunning flowers and wonderful gorgeous minis! Enjoy your new treasures.
    Hugs, Drora

    ( Thank you Drora and sorry!)

  8. Beautiful goodies Elly! I had to give a miss to the online show this time but am looking forward to the next one. Isn't it wonderful to be able to access all these sellers that we otherwise would never know about? I love all of your buys - and they all look very comfortable in their new homes. Hugs, Sandie