Wednesday, November 25, 2009

wednesday evening

Spent a lot of time on the teashop and on its ceiling , both of which are nearing completion.
On the left you can see the ceiling beams being varnished; on the right the room itself with wainscoting in place and lots of tape to KEEP it there. But I seem to have made it ( with the usual bloopers ). I am definitely not a woodworker ! Those **&&@@ mouldings splintered in the saw while I was sawing under impossible corners, the cuts in the baseboards refused to get straight,but finally I got there.
And in case you are thinking I only have two cats, as they are the only ones posing in this basket or in the windowsill, look what I see when I turn around : my fat red lady , Jojo, the teacosy ! Vulgar, eh?

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