Thursday, November 26, 2009

ceiling in place !!!

And here we are : finally the ceiling is in place , hurray ! That puzzle on the ceiling gave me some headaches, of course - it should fit snugly, it did while I tried and guess what- there were some pieces which had too little room , just 1/2 mm , I guess. So I pushed a bit and with violence I certainly did win. Who said something about pacifism ? When I fall upon this kind of problem I am a warhorse, if anything :-)

All those thingies on the roof are lamps and wiring. Will be seen to later !


  1. Your really marching right along with the teashop -- great work, Elly! Does the placement of the electrics come with the kit? That is, are you shown where they go on the roof? I love it all! Marlene

  2. Thank you Marlene ! It is through Cynthia 's work, though, that I was able to do it, at all.
    The whole electricitythingies came as such with the kit; the ceiling is pre-wired, holes made, ringlets provided and lamps and wiring in place: just shove through after Cynthia's directions. All lamps remain accessible after the roombox is placed into the outer box.One of the biggest hurdles of roombox building done for you.Love that!(me lazy to the boot...)