Thursday, November 26, 2009

and I am a big big girl now

because I made the big big outer box. Of course , not without a blooper , again - slight gap as the bottom and backside were nearly , but not quite flush, but here again , a slightly violent disposition when facing problems like that, is apt to help :-)

Umm , I am really proud of myself , as it is the first bigbig thing I have glued and hammered together . The line you see on the bottom was my first blooper,glueing the toekick to the wrong side of the bottom, but I could remedy that. And nobody is to see it afterwards, when the room is in place, anyway .


  1. Hi Elly - no one's going to be worried about an outside box when there's this beautiful teashop catching their eye. You really are nearing the finish line and good for you! Oh, and I scrolled down and met JoJo the tea cosy! Love the pose and love the name - she looks like she would fit over a LARGE teapot and keep it good and warm. :)

    Maybe this weekend will see your project finished?!

    Mary Lynne

  2. Elly Congratulations! Another hurdle tackled faceon and mastered. The outer box looks fine and of course no-one but you will notice anything you don't like about it at all - everyone will be looking at the lovely interior, as Mary Lynne says. Looking forward to seeing the finished room now................