Monday, November 30, 2009

monday - kitties again !

Here my red tomcat Floris is exploring the possibilities of drawers. I can see a stack of kitties sleeping in this chest....

In deference to my enthusiasm about kitties , I finished one cushion of Hermione last week (after having completed the tearoom as far as it went).Hermione is a big Maine Coon and her coat was very hard to catch in a reasonable chart.I worked at her for months, designing her several times and starting over and over again. I think, though , that she is looking reasonable now.
Encouraged by this, I started on another kitty, called Puppy. I finished the stitching today , but I do need to add a bit of backstitching to accentuate her eyes.


  1. Oh Elly! Puppy Cat is beautiful. Thank you so much!!!!!!

  2. Thank you Karin ! I am glad you(being his former mom) like it .

  3. Elly - as usual you have done a wonderful job of both these lovely kitties. You certainly have a talent for designing. And I too can imagine a high-rise kitty habitat in that chest lol!