Sunday, November 22, 2009

The start of our conservatory !

Today Dafna and I made a start on her conservatory project. First some sanding , then spray- painting parts which could be done.

I will spray-paint ( just the underground ) during next days, so we shall be ready to move on with the real paintwork. In the meantime, teh young lady must do some thinking about what her conservatory will look like ( we hope....)!
have provided her with some paperwork , like Dolls House Projects and a booklet on flower making , for inspiration. She bought the Freda Gray book.


  1. What a lovely conservatory this promises to be from the pieces that can be seen! And it offers a lot of scope for Dafna to explore a whole range of skills Elly - she is indeed fortunate to have you to teach her. Sandra, gsolfot, PPers,SaHMC.

  2. We had to think of something to keep her kitty out( she has got two dolls by now and we do not care about them becoming kitty toys). And you are right, we can do several techniques this way.