Thursday, July 2, 2009

Friends in the cat lady's house: friends corner !

From time to time I receive presents or swaps from sweet friends. They ( the gifts ) often land in the cat lady's house, as they are often ( although not always ) cat-related, otherwise they just fit in so nicely that I want them to be there.

On the left : a cut- out three-D painting of two kittens that Petra , my friend in Bergen op Zoom , NL ,made for me

In the red basket : a Spanish kitten , made by Teruka in Spain; she also made the basket.A sweet guy - my b/w was really intrigued when I unpacked him....!

The basket with bunny was a very unexpected and sweet present from Anne Johnson in Ca, USA.
She also added a pic in mini of her grandchildren in Victorian clothes; it is hanging over the cat-lady's bed.

The beautiful line drawings were given to me by Shelly Hawley - Yan ( Canada ), for a swap session, as was the dark red cat pillow .Shelly does a lot of animal rescue work, so she knows I love kitties !

The dress with kitties was given to me by Petra, again , so lovely ! She also made this quilt hanging over the bed.( I cannot quilt to save my life ) Now here is a clever lady.....
The light blue cat climber and the kitty playing there came from Elaine,St Louis, USA, another PPer(petit-pointer) who visited me about two years ago ....



  1. Elly....I've left an award for you on my blog.
    Enjoy the heat....the snow will fly before we know it.

  2. Elly - my first visit to your blog! Mind blowing...almost ready to give up cos I'll never reach this standard! But starting with the Cat sections I am determined to try - I'm a cat person too and feel sure frequent visits will keep me trying! Meanwhile, can I contribute a small, humble 'gift' to your Cat section? And how do I do it?