Monday, June 29, 2009

Cutting patterns for doll clothing

Here is one very valuable tip I learnt at MSATminidolls : how to cut the patterns.
It does not only help to cut pattern from kitchen paper or such, to test the pattern against the doll ( not all dolls are the same size ! some are thicker , some are petite ), but the trick I am really fond of is drawing the pattern -by simply tracing with a pencil, onto Freezer-paper. I roped in the help of someone who visited the USA, and recently I got a glorious other roll from a visiting friend from the USA ( thank you, Elise !).
Freezer-paper is silicone-coated ( on ONE side ) paper , found in supermarkets in the USA. This side of the Atlantic, you might find it in quiltshops.

You simply cut out the patterns, lay them out onto the fabric , preferably on the right side, and iron them into place : coated side down on the fabric.. Then you cut them out and seal the edges ( I use Aleenes tacky glue ), on the wrong side, while the parts are still on the paper.
Afterwards you can pull the pattern parts loose. The freezer paper pattern is re-usable, so hang on to them by all means if you want to.

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