Sunday, June 14, 2009

dressing a doll

Today my pupil and I went on , started to dress her second doll.

The first one is this one , dressed in blue. Dafna had decided she wanted a Regency style doll , so here she is.
Barbara Davies from the UK made the doll for her.

Since then , she is starting to get addicted ( well, we had decided to do two dolls , anyway , but I think I am detecting some interest in future doll dressing , we talked victorian , and I seem to remember a conversation about a ballgown ??!!...)
So today the new doll ( also made by Barbara Davies, thank you Babs !)got her shoes, her petticoat and pantalettes ( beautiful word that, don't you think ?)
Halfway through the afternoon I sent some pics to her mom, who was hard at work, to let her see that her daughter was hard at work ,as well, and I told her that I had crammed Dafna with cake .
We had a great time !

We hope to get on with it in one or two weeks time, it will also be a Regency doll , but with a more elaborate skirt and bodice. And a bonnet !
The pattern was published in Dolls House Projects , made by Sue Jarvie.

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