Thursday, June 4, 2009

I went to the fair in Soest and brought home :

some more birds ! Crows , to be precise.

Why crows ? Well , I need them on my "Highwayman "( that grisly pub, where the usual customers are rather rowdy , if you must know , and sometimes travellers with some more money are stupid enough to enter. That is the last time they were heard of.
I will later show how that is contrived, but will get on with my cat- lady first).

I have some crows standing around there , together with a cat. Now is the cat stalking the crows or the other way round ??? However, all crows had broken legs by now, having fallen off ( they are hard to glue on this house ), so I really need to relegate them to the kitchen- pots.Boiled crow ? Crow-stew? Hmmmm.....

Here are the "old "crows when they were younger.

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