Friday, July 10, 2009

Meet Emma

Emma is a lovely little doll , created by Debbie Dixon-Paver , who lives in South Africa and makes incredible dolls. She was sitting with the cats in a vets' waiting room when I saw her first on Debbies website and I fell for her big time !
I named Emma after the daughter of Shelly Hawley-Yan ; this family does a lot of animal rescue.
Emma the doll does love animals , as well, so she often drops in at the cat- lady's house. Recently her own cat had a litter, but her mom sadly doesn't want to keep them all, or even worse ( don't we all know that story ), so she has taken the whole caboodle to rehome at the cat lady's house. She knows the kitties will be welcomed there !

1 comment:

  1. Awww - what an honour!
    And she even looks a bit like my Emma.
    (Although you know that my Emma would just have brought them home!)
    oh wait - does that mean that *I* am the crazy cat -lady?!?!?
    okay - totally possible!