Sunday, July 19, 2009

How to adapt a clock kit, to make it work

This was something which came up at The Camp , a miniature- minded , very lively Yahoogroup.
The question was , how to make a working clock from a clock kit.

I did this some years ago. The trick is to substitute a piece of wood or cardboard for the clock face and to use an insert , like , f.i. from Teepeecrafts . Can probably also use a cheap watch , but I never see the right kind of watch to provide a clock face.

I did not glue the clock insert into the hole, it is just a tight fit.

I also left open the top of the clock ( just using min-wax , or you could use moveable miniature glue ) , so that it is easy enough to open the top of the clock and push the insert out when you want to change the battery.OTOH , you can also just make use of the rim of the clock insert.

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