Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Still in food-mood

Since I had been going happily in food modus , and- while I was rummaging in my stash yesterday to find some plates for the jellies and some canes, finding a load of blanc pickling bottles, I decided on a pickling day !

Recently Marianne Colijn wrote an article in American Miniaturist about pickling without Fimo. Of course, me being the best Fimo-impaired person of the world, that was something I felt even I could do.
So I am already proudly looking at the first results. If you don't look too close, they look convincing enough. I do hope I will also find some nice fake labels.
I do feel, however, that I could have pickled away a whole RL size harvest in the same time:-)
I have made some more jars since taking the pic, but it is dark now and I am too lazy to make an EZ setup just for now. Maybe later, when they are finished .

( Front: apples, made from yellow split peas, second row: cherries, painted mustard seeds ; third row: cucumber pickles, made from painted cumin seeds )


  1. Ha, Fimo, don't think so!!!!! Love your jars, your mini people won't be in danger of starving!!!!!

  2. You are truly resourful. The jars are great. I love the split yellow peas, they look like half peaches.

  3. Beautiful! The peaches look, real!!

  4. Great job! Everything looks so realistic!

  5. Que gran trabajo, se ve todo muy real.
    besitos ascension

  6. Thank you all, but the real genius is Marianne, of course! I have made more yesterday evening and I do hope to make pics on Friday, if I have got time.
    PS: I did make some pickled eggs from Fino, that is about the bets I can do with the blasted stuff:-)!