Friday, December 9, 2011

And here is the first part of the harvest...

Some of them may still get gingham covers, but that is  later!IF I am adding them, that is.
The labels are from printimini's , the well-known site :-)
Euro in the back for size.

Pickled eggs ( I can do eggs in Fimo, hah !) and raisins in brandy (partially ochre painted mustard seeds)

Cucumbers sliced off an Angie Scarr cane, and green beans :

Apples ? Or peaches??? Well, yellow spilt peas :-) They do look impressive enough !

Cherries ( again painted mustard seeds) and carrots ( painted points of cocktailsticks, some lichen for parsley)

Gherkins ( painted cumin seeds )

Prunes ( pepper seeds. yes, I know these are biscuit jars, but I like them better this way, and it is MY house!!!)

More jars and bottles to follow, I think !


  1. Peaches I think, they do look yummy, and of course it is your house, you CAN do whatever you like and nobody complains (I hope)!!!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!!!!

  2. Thank you Elga, you too!
    I am already working on the next cheating set :-) ; using glass paints on small lucite jars for jam, curd andjars of honey .
    And a big rack for them, too...I cannot do wood, but a rack is within my possibilities, I think, well, it is drying right now and it looks reasonable.

  3. Que buen trabajo, ha quedado fantasticos.
    besitos ascension

  4. Thank you,Carmen and Ascension ( Ascension so often comments very kindly here and I realize I have never thanked her ) ; I like them, too , and since I am fimo impaired I never did much in the food line for my dolls houses - by the time I have learnt how to make a perfect banana, I have a boatload of minibananas ,sigh.
    So I am really taking to thie easy way out and loving it ! It is also a very fun thing to do on a rainy afternoon, as it is reasonably fast.

  5. They look fantastic wonderful ideas.
    Hugs Maria

  6. Dat ziet er echt hartstikke leuk en echt uit, Elly. Vind je jelly pudding trouwens ook mooi hoor!

  7. wow. Do you make your own little jars? or you buy them? thanks
    by the way: your work is amazing!

  8. Thank you for your kind comment! I bought the jars from all over the place, the small acrylic ones were bought from Debbie Jones (, go to "catalogue", then to " kitchen" ) It is a dangerous site, though! Too many goodies !
    most glass jars came from other dolls house shops, like and others ( Tumdee dolls house miniatures in the UK comes to mind, although I did not yet buy from them), but if you search for miniature canning jars you can find them.

    Hope this helps in case you want to have a go !