Sunday, December 25, 2011

Added some more pickles to my stash

Today I had a play day again; I made labels for my "honeypots" that I painted some time ago. These are solid acrylic jars ( can be bought from Debbie , so cannot be filled, bu if you use glass paint and let them dry thoroughly, they do look nice. I also made textile covers for the pots.

( they are more amber colored than it seems in this picture, honest!)

In the same way, I also made a load of little jars of jam and curd:

( hmm, I am still think about very tiny  labels, I am afraid that is beyond me, but maybe....Textile covers are absolutely out of the question, I am afraid ! )

I also filled some pots with mushrooms
In case you think I can make these, forgeddit right now. Angie Scarr made those beautiful canes, I just filled the jars :-) I am also adding a layer of glass paint on the outside, as part of the scenic water was too pale to my taste.

Also did cherries ( seed beads ,on the left), yellow scallions ( small pearlized beads ,middle). Hm, I seem to ahve lost some of the covers for the cherries, so probably will need to make some covers for these.

And these were meant to be red onions ( purplish beads), but since I did  not color the scenic water, these came out too pale for that, so I did a re-think and am calling them plums. There.

They will all go into the very big rack in my Kendrew hose !

In the meantime kitties are very happy!


  1. It looked like such a lot, until I saw the shelf, that's how I feel about books for miniature scenes, never enough!!!!!

    Love the kitties at play photo, glad you got that shot, they can move so fast!!!!!

  2. Fun to hear how you do things, Elly. Sounds like we're a lot alike. I enjoy buying kits and making them up, adding my own embellishments. It's so much fun! I love how your jars of goodies came out. Your kitties are precious! :-) Jennifer

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