Sunday, December 12, 2010

update on the Big Boria

Since I can hardly use rude adverbs or nouns, ( certainly not in a header), I refer to it as the Big B..... Well, here we are again, one month later. I am working on the central field by now.
In the meantime I am going to start on some smaller projects, some portraits of a little English dog.
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  1. Good idea, enjoy stitching the dog, a bit of instant gratification is good for the soul I think ;-)

  2. You do understand my little tormented soul, Elga :-)

  3. Yes these big projects need to be broken up by smaller ones that you can see quick progress and actually finish in a small amount of time. But you have certainly made wonderful progress on the big Boria! It's stunning. Now Elly don't tell me that someone who can stitch on tiny gauze can't do QS flowers hehehehehe!