Sunday, December 26, 2010

hollyhocks for Flowerpot cottage

Today I made some hollyhocks for my quarterscale cottage . That was a lot of work !!! I always found 1 inch scale pretty small, but it is no comparison to what 1/48 can do to your mind...( tearing hair out, shouting at the cat and going crazy generally....)
Well, I have planted them now ( they are the yellow guys on the left), one more down.
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  1. Mmmm, I can just imagine, poor kitty, maybe we should call you the Mad Miniaturist from Amsterdam ;-) ( my doggie goes and hides behind the sofa when he feels the bad vibes coming on)I think you are convincing me to stay away from 1/48 scale.

  2. You must be the Sane Miniaturist from South Africa, staying away from 1/48 th...
    Actually, two of the cats were happily snoring on my working table while I was working on these(no 3 could not be bothered to be awake at all,perfect weather to hibernate)

  3. Elly,

    I am catching up on all the blogs that I follow tonight and when I got to yours, well, I couldn't go to the next. Your flower pot cottage is adorable. Can't imagine working in 1/48 scale. Love the pictures of your cats too!
    Thanks for sharing. Do you sell any of the flowers you make in 1 inch scale?

  4. Well Elly, I must be totally mad, because I am working on both Washtub Cottage and Toadstool Cottage so I can then start on Flower Pot Cottage! I am ADDICTED to 1/48 scale LOL! Just as well too space-wise. I just wish I still had a lovely moggy to keep me company while I mini :-( I think you did a great job of your FlowerPot Cottage :-)