Friday, December 17, 2010

some tulips

It is snowing here . And HARD !!! Glad I have a day off; the traffic will be horrific, as drivers here are not used to handling this weather; neither are the city authorities, who never do a blessed thning about sleeted bridges and streets, I am afraid.
Since I already promised to do so, I finished some wire tulips today and planted them. The background is a vague white- that is what the world looks like here right now....
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  1. Que maravillosos tulipanes, me encantan.
    besitos ascension

  2. Elly the tulips are just wonderful!!! We had a lot of rain here the last few days and yesterday some roads were flooded and couldn't be used as the river couldn't handle all the water.

  3. Elly, I must thank you, because on your blog I saw the idea of making wire flowers first time! I love it, it is so easy and so effective!
    Flowers I've made, aren't so nice like yours... but I try, and it makes me a lot of fun:)))
    Tulips are great!:))))
    Hugs from Alienora

  4. Elly the tulips are so pretty! I love the colours; they have a vibrancy and vitality about them. You do those wire flowers so beautifully.

  5. Thank you all!
    As you can see,the 19th part of AIMs series of projects this month features Shelly Norris's tutorial on the poinsettias.Tulips are the same, but easier...:-)