Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Flowers and more flowers

Hi all, long time no see. Well, the problem was mainly  that, after that nasty fall I had back in August, my shoulder kept making trouble. Trying to keep on top of job (even though I just worked for 6 hours a day) and household chores, plus having pain nearly all the time , which did not exactly help if I tried to do anything with my hands, I simply let go.

I hope things are going to change now, though! Two weeks ago I got an implant instead of that useless shoulder; big thanks to my orthopaedic surgeon, who did an excellent job . Of course, I am still recuperating and in a strap, but that will be only one more month.

But I want to show you some things I recently received:

from my dear friend Pat in AZ, USA , these two wonderful bouquets , made by Era Pearce, IGMA fellow. Beautiful paper flowers, I am especially enamoured of the daffs, as they have such "full" trumpets. The tender irises and nearly diaphanous tulips are miracles in themselves.

And today I got this lovely surprise from Pim Sukkerd in Thailand , who works magic creating cold porcelain flowers ( you may remember having see her work before on my blog, try following the tag "fair

O M G !!!!

I will try to add another pic  tomorrow to show you how tiny they are, that lily of the valley is to die for!!!


  1. I hope your shoulder heals quickly and you make a full recovery. I love all the flowers you have received and hope they help to brighten your day.

  2. Hi Elly! How beautiful your floral bouquets all are. The flowers are arranged so well and they are presented in wonderful looking containers. I especially like the yellow daffodils and also the potted Lily of the Valley.
    These photos are preparing our minds for spring. And I am Sooooo in the mood for Spring! Thank you! :))


  3. I'm glad you got help with your shoulder and can look forward to being free of pain. Gorgeous flowers!

  4. Hi Elly,

    Love all the flowers and they give me hope for Spring, which seems to be a long time coming in the Midwest of the U.S. I really hope your shoulder gets better quickly. It's been a long winter for you and hopefully the spring and summer will be better :-)

  5. Lovely flowers Elly, enjoy spring with the kitties. Looking forward to see you in July.

  6. All of those flowers are just stunning. The delicacy of the snowdrops is fantastic!