Sunday, April 20, 2014

A visit to Leonardslee in print

Many of you will know about the lovely miniature exhibition in Leonardslee gardens (UK), which were, alas,  closed to the public some years ago.

Recently, however, its creator, Helen Holland, has written a book about it. It is great fun to read! There are many pics in it, too, and although tiny, they are excellent , and every miniaturist will have a magnifier, I think, so you can study them at your leisure. Absolutely recommended reading for every lover of miniatures.

Helen kindly permitted me to snag the pic of the cover, so here goes :

You can acquire it from her site here.

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  1. Unfortunately I never got to see the exhibition at Leonardslee gardens, although I have seen it online. This book will go onto my wishlist. Thanks Elly!