Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fair Apeldoorn April 2013

Sooooo, I am back from the Apeldoorn fair. The weather was lovely, the fair rather quiet. I do hope that the sellers did sell enough to make it worth their while, though.
My loot this time !

I bought a (pre-ordered) Jugendstil ( Art Nouveau) shop from Micropalacio , a German builder whom I saw for the first time. I loved this shop when I saw it on his website. It had to be slightly shallower, though, as it was too deep for my windowsill. My cats do sunbathing big time on these roomboxes, so you can imagine what would happen if it were wider...

Here it is !

Yes, you can also buy it as a kit, but I am not much of a builder...

And I fell for this lovely set of dolls by Christa Chayata .....

Of course I needed some Alice in Wonderland books and some others, too ( Dateman Books)

Found some Crafty cats files

And decided to go ( finally ) for that lovely chatelaine I had been seeing for years at Jens Torp's stand !!!!

 (I nicked the picture from his site, my photos were horrid.....)

Aaaaand errrr, well, you know I am an avid fan of Georgia Marfels....


rack of meat, boiling salamander ( I am afraid)

nasty stuff...

Demonstration by angry rats ( AGAINST !! STOP !!)

One rat pondering whether he will join the demo

Nasty mushroom

Little green devil

wasps and flies

I also bought some dollstands ( the clear acrylic ones and some other smaller things and some well made frames , nice for framing samplers and the like .

All in all a satisfactory day !!


  1. Glad you had a good day, your tastes sure wander all over the place ;-)

    Love the chatelaine and the dolls.

    I saw that Dateman books is going to be at Rheda, quite excited about that, I have wanted to see their books in real for a long time now.

    I think the cats got the best deal though, a nice new place to curl up on!

  2. Unas compras espectaculares, preciosas, feliz semana:)

  3. hallo Elly,
    Fijn dat je genoten hebt van de beurs.
    En wat leuk om een foto van mijn popjes in hun nieuwe omgeving te zien.
    Al je andere aankopen zijn ook geweldig,maar je nieuwe winkel in Art Nouveau style vind ik zoooo mooi.

    1. Je poppen zijn dan ook erg mooi Christa! Ik heb echt een hele tijd staan aarzelen tussen deze set en de dame.

    2. dat snap ik .....zo heb ik ook voor mijn vitrine gestaan ,om te kiezen welke ik zou

  4. As always you have impeccable (and eclectic!) taste.:0)
    I ADORE the new shop - it is beautiful and you will have so much fun filling it!

  5. Mooie spullen heb je gekocht, popjes van Christa zijn mijn favoriet.,,,,en ja natuurlijk de chatelaine! Ik ben zelf zaterdag geweest en heb ook een heerlijke dag gehad. Veel plezier met je aankopen!

    Groetjes Helma

    1. Ik hoop je nog eens te treffen als je een keer op een zondag kunt gaan Helma!Het was echte en mooie beurs hè?

  6. You really did well with your shopping. I wonder if the little items are OOAK?

    1. No, they are not OOK, but often limted , as Georgia loves to think up new grisly things all the time.She does only sell at shows, though, so if you want to have things like this, please drop me a mail and I can go shopping for you in June at the Rheda fair.

  7. You bought some amazing items. I never find such great buys. That building is so amazing....

  8. Great shop and exquisite dolls and chatelaine. I often smile when I see the range of things your taste encompasses - from the delightful to the macabre! Hugs, Sandie