Friday, April 19, 2013

Again : the Miniature Online Show

 In March , the Online Miniature Show was held again ( basically a show, but online). It is organized by Shelly Norris and one of the great things is that you can find things there by artisans whom you did not know, or whose work you could never buy another way. There are others, too, who are present on the web, like Wendy's Miniatures . One of her most original lines is the fossile/stone part.

That triangular thing is a mosasaur tooth.....:-) I did not google it as yet. It will be great in my Four Candle Shop , I think!!

Those tiny things in front are shells...You can see it when you have them in front of you, a magnifier may be of help .

And then there was Pimsiri Sukkerd from Thailand, dealing as Bee Tree Miniatures. She makes the most amazing porcelain and cold porcelain things!! She has no website ,( 20-April )EDIT SHE HAS A WEBSITE !!!!  Looks and see what this gal makes, it is GREAT !!!


  1. Wow, allemaal even beeldig! Vooral de plantjes met de paarse bloemtrosjes, zo perfekt!

  2. These are incredible! Great buys. Hugs, Sandie