Monday, February 7, 2011

Mouse parents ready to be shipped...

Kristy sent me these pics of mamma and pappa mouse . Mamma wil probably be hanging around in the kitchen ( I am planning to give her LOADS to cook and bake, of course), pappa has decided to find out how to attach a bell to a cat- any cat.
As soon as I have got my house , I will probably stitcha rug by Anne Ritter, a design of little abstract cats. If I use autumn-clors, they will loook as if they are leaves- until one looks closer, that is!

Since I am not a real quilter  and silk ribbons sound really a bit overdone for a woodland-house, I will probably stitch a little "quilt"on their beds , too. When I have time, that is ( sigh...)

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  1. Geweldig! Normaal moet ik niets van muizen hebben, maar deze zijn echt schattig

  2. Je hebt gelijk , gewoonlijk houd ik ook niet van aangeklede beestjes zelfs, maar Kristy's diertjes hebben zoiets aandoenlijks !

  3. They are adorable, maybe the silk ribbon quilt can be a heirloom from earlier better days, before raising oodles of babies?????

  4. Elly they are just toooo sweet! I am so jealous!! They are perfect and the thought of a whole little house designed by you, built to your specs, with the mouse family made to order is very exciting. It is the sort of thing to dream about.