Sunday, February 13, 2011

A basket of blackberries

That mouse house left me in a flurry ! So today , instead of stitching, I went out shopping here and there (on-line, that is) for loads of goodies, esp utensils and other accessories in half scale.

BUT I want to have the things that grow naturally in at least 1/12th , slightly bigger if possible.No halfscale carrots or potatoes for me. So today I attempted making blackberries in a basket ( the basket kit is by Barb Lewis, bought from Debbie) ; the blackberries are mustard seeds, painted and glazed with nailpolish.Usually mustard seeds have the right dimensions for 1/12 grapes, but I need the contrast here, I think they will do nicely
The basket handle, though, was too big for little mice, so I had to make some small handles on the side , so that two can shlepp the loot !
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  1. Elly these berries came out looking so realistic! Great job - I know your mouse family will love them. And they'll appreciate the handles on the basket too, so they can make a quick getaway with it all!