Monday, July 5, 2010

Tearing my hair out and losing arms....

Today I tried to dress Adella, that lovely lady made by Nancy Cronin.
Somehow I have difficulties putting her together. Worst is the arm ; I have been losing it five times now , glueing it back again , changing glue, changing wire and generally becoming more and more desperate...

This is the VERY last try, if this does not work , I am going to fix her in air draying clay or so( I already modelled her bodice in Milliput as she wanted to get rid of her legs , too)


  1. Aren't Nancy's dolls just the greatest though? I was lucky enough to take one of her classes the last time she went to Chicago. What a blast!


  2. Nancy's dolls are LOVERLY ! But I need to find a way to have that arm kept attached to her shoulder :-)
    For the moment I have left her and I started on another doll. My ego still needs some brushing-up.

  3. ..maybe a pipecleaner instead of the wire? its more fluffy, so the glue holds better..