Tuesday, July 6, 2010

And now for some grisly things...

Around Halloween last year my friend Marlene sent me some lovely skellies which I meant to park into the Highwayman, my robbers'inn.
I had not yet got round to placing them into the pub , as I thought I would have to hacksaw my way into positioning them. Surprisingly, however, I just needed to saw them halfway through the joints to get them seated and so I did.
They have been placed in the dining room(there will be more, I have loads of skellies left!)
Now don't forget : this is an inn with two kinds of guests : the usual, rowdy gang who go in and out and sometimes unfortunate richer guests. They enter once and are never seen again...
Y'know , this tale is based on that of a real pub that used to exist in London!


  1. Cool, I love Halloween and spooky scenes like this.
    Interesting story - I'm sure I'd have nothing to worry about if I visited this pub, hahaha.

  2. Neither would I- I would probably have been a regular,LOL

  3. Gracias por el enlace, me ha encatado visitar la pagina.
    besitos ascension

  4. As usual - popping into your blog always inspires....and encourages! I came back from Miniatura in March - not even
    Halloween as an excuse - with 6 skeletons! But so far have done nothing with them. One or two are intended to become Steampunkers! But now I can see quite different domestic situations the others might find themselves in! Annette ~{:o)+

  5. P.S. Forgot to say - did you make the bench that they are sitting on? And if not where did you find it.....?
    It's so right for the pub - and for them! Annette

  6. Hi Annette, the furniture was made by Tony Knott, I think you know his work ?