Saturday, December 24, 2016

Forgot to mention ! And update on kitties...

During last months I actually did make some minis.

This witch was made by me in August from a kit by Nancy Cronin , who makes the best witches and crabby old ladies that I know of . As you can see , she has a mini-me with her ūüėĀ . The kit was excellent with clear descriptions, was quite well prepared, as well. Moonyeen M√∂ller did a lot of work on it . It was about the first mini I had made since a long time and I do owe Nancy and Moonyeen for getting me out and back on track. 

The other thing I made was (in October) a bunch of 1/24 narcissi from a kit by Georgina Steed (The Miniature Garden ) ; she makes excellent kits in 1/12 and 1/24 scale. The last ones are rather hard to find . Thank you Georgie !
The vase was made by Elisabeth Causeret.

PS the tape in the pic is a centimeter, not an " inchometer" !

                                       In the meantime my kitties are growing up fast !!

The one with the white nose is Fluffy, the black nosed one is Spotty, and the big striped tiger is Tiffany. 


  1. So happy to see you making minis again, love the you-broom! The little fluff balls sure have grown up...looks like Tiffany still wants to mother them?

    1. The fluff balls are tearing around the house (as often as not compannied by Tiffany) and yes, she still mothers them :) ! And now that it is colder, they sleep on my bed, three little bedwarmers.