Friday, June 17, 2016

My new kitties , RL minis !!

OK , here I am again...
After the loss of Jojo and Fluffy, not only was I quite sad , but little Tiffany was, too. Although she is quite shy, she has always been a very sociable cat . So I decided to import two babybrothers.
It took about a wekk of gentle introduction :-), step by step , but we did succeed and the whole family is having the time of their lives. Three kitties playing around, tearing through the house, sometimes washing each other ( esp Tiffany loves doing that).

                                                           Spotty :

                                              Fluffy ( looks so much like Fluffy :-) )

                              Tiffany carefully watching through netted door , for introduction :

                                                          Two playing kitties !

                                                 Tiffany and Spotty playing together

                                                       Tiffany washing Fluffy


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, Brae, they are very sweet and funny ( and naughty ) , I love them all to bits.

  2. Congratulations! Kittens are such fun. Enjoy your new babies.

  3. Love the two new family members Elly :0)

  4. They are adorable and sweet. Glad you are both happy again with the new familymembersđŸ±đŸ±

  5. Wow so cute! Congratulations with the new family members. I have a cat too who is not very impressed with the building work going on and is complaining loudly every evening, when I walk into the garden. They are a joy though!


    1. They are, so sweet and lovely ! I enjoy seeing them playing and sleeping together :)