Friday, October 24, 2014

Some more ebay.... :-)

Yesterday three cuuuute little witches arrived here. I bought them off ebay from this seller (Andrea)

Here they are together. They will get a stone wall to sit on later on!!

I also recently purchased some 1/24 canisters by Dave Williams, also from ebay:

Adorable, arent they? They will go into my Herdwick Landscapes cottage .


  1. Wonderful purchases! The three little witches are adorable. The canisters too are fantastic. Enjoy these new treasures.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. Thank you Drora, I fell in love with them... :-) .
    Dave Williams' work is great, btw!!

  3. You made a very nice purchase. The little witches are so cute.

  4. Thanks Minna! I realy fell in love with them , although I usually do "bad-tempered" , no cute witches :-) , but these were too funny .....

    Am going to play with my halfscalemcottage this week, too

  5. The Little Witches are great! Are they going to celebrate with a party next weekend? Then the Stone jars could provide them with drinks to get in the right spirit....! Must have a look at Dave Williams' other pieces. Hugs, Annette
    P.S. Nice to kow you are still around Drora - remember me?

  6. Both the witches and canisters are cute. Iike the little witch on the right. She looks like a good wiich!

  7. Looks like this was a nice warm up for your great day at Appeldoorn! The little witches are TOO cute.

  8. The witches are very sweet - how will you use them? And the cannisters are just the sort of thing I'm looking for too - thanks for giving a link to his eBay store. Dave's work is excellent.