Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Latest update on the Big B of a Rugger

Yes, there IS a definite difference between last month and this! But ohmy, it is very slow.....


  1. It looks great Elly, hang in there, the end is in sight!!!! And do take a break and dress a doll or make flowers or ???????????? You deserve it!!!!

  2. Nearly there! I seem to have been watching this forever, God knows how you've felt stitching it. All the hard work has been worth it, it's beautiful.

  3. It's wonderfull.....and "nearly" finished!
    Did you make this design yourself by the way?

  4. Almost there! It is looking very good. It would go quite nicely into the dining room of my new canal house...;)

  5. Josje , forgeddit- it is going to someone else, and I will definitely not stitch this bugger again:-) But you are welcome to the chart if you like!
    Jeffry, the chart was made by the late Joseph Boria, who traded as "The Victorian Craftsaman".

    Thank you all fro teh compliments. About a quarter of a million stitches are a lot to tackle....

  6. Elly it is absolutely gorgeous! I am still looking at that bundle of threads tucked into the folder with the chart and wondering whether I'll ever be brave enough to tackle mine, but seeing what a beauty it is.....But then my stitching isn't the quality that yours is, and I don't know whether I could commit to such a large project. You are doing a wonderful job, and yes, I can see progress.