Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Today I went with Floris to Utrecht for his CTscan. Bad news: the poor guy has developed pulmonary metastases. He also has a local (though small) recurrence of the tumor. I had felt that last one, but, of course, the lung problems are not visible unless one uses CT or Xray- or unless the cat has breathing problems. Which he does not have. Until one week ago I really thought we had got away with it and he would be disease-free.
It will be a question of weeks now, I am afraid, or some months at best. The faculty will keep in touch with me each week to keep posted about how he is doing.

Still, I am glad I did try this therapy. Feline sarcomas are killers, and Floris is one of the longest survivors known. And the year since the operation has been a happy one for both of us; he had an excellent quality of life, and still has, for that matter. It would have been far worse if we had tried operating again and again with each recurrence worse than the previous tumor.

Still, I am really sad; I had not really reckoned with this- although the possibilty was in the back of my brain all the time, of course.

At the moment he is sleeping off the last vestiges of his anaesthesia, nicely above the radiator :-) I expect him onto my bed again tonight, where he slept since he was a baby.
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  1. I am sad with you, he reminds me so much of my first cat Ginger that I had to put down at age 10 because of failing kidneys, it took me a few days to decide that it would be better for the poor kitty. My heart goes out to you, I think we love them so much because their love is so unconditional, human's love can sometimes come with so many demands.

  2. Elly I so feel for you, having just lost another of my beloved dogs I know what you are going through.

  3. Thank you Elga (and also others who wrote to me).I love my furkids dearly, they are always sweet towards me. This one is a lovely, even-tempered and kind kitty.It is going to be a tough time, I am afraid.

  4. So Sorry Elly, I've lost several furbabies over the years and I know how hard it is, thinking of you,

  5. Elly,

    Please accept a hug from me and kisses from my corgi girls. (One of them is asleep on my bed as I write this with her feline sister.)

  6. Wat een verdrietig nieuws,ik wens je veel sterkte
    voor de komende tijd.

  7. How Sad! I'm so sorry you have to go thru this with your furbaby! I pray things turn out. Carolyn

  8. So sorry to hear the bad news, I am sure he will be one pampered kitty for a while longer. Hugs from another furkids mum.

  9. Thank you all for your sympathy. It is really hard, he is sitting right in front of me ( in front of the screen) just now. He is such a sweet and loveable kitty.It will be hard to decide when I need to say goodbye to this lovely little furkid. I do not want him to be in pain or distress. The one good thing is that I know that it is inevitably coming, so I won't be tempted to try and fight the inevitable.

  10. Dear Elly - sad news indeed, and all of us who have had to face this hard decision feel so deeply for you. Floris is so fortunate to have 'owned' you as his 'pet', he has been so loved and well looked after. I know you will treasure all the happy moments while you can, take lots of photos even though it is bitter-sweet and just continue to love him and accept his love in return.