Monday, January 18, 2010

finally stitching full steam ahead

again !

I FI-NAL-LY collected all my courage and started an Undertaking !
I am going to stitch the Joseph Boria carpet ( Victorian Craftsman ) no.1029. It has,as it encouragingly tells me , 242,653 stitches when it will be done ( I suppose the odd number will be the central stitch?). Holy moly , that is near to a quarter of a million......Two of my friend of the Petitpointersgroup stitched this dinosaurus already, now it is my turn :-).
I am stitching on 40 hpi gauze.
Believe it or not , this is the feeble result of several hours stitching. I think I will play truant from time to time to stitch some smaller projects in between , just to keep my spirits up. Otherwise depression could loom on the horizon........Bwahhaaahaaa!!!