Monday, November 23, 2009

Next chapter of the teashop: the walls are up .

Last night before going to bed , I decided to try and attach the walls to the base, so the assembly could dry overnight.
It did dry , allright. The assembly did not really stick , though . I had used something which is REALLY strong, BUT one has to be able to clamp any joint tight with this glue.This roombox does not lend itself to tight clamping.
So I ended up with my usual friend , white wood glue, stuck firmly into the gaps, taping everything together again and left it alone for some hours in a dry and warm place , out of reach of my furry helpers.
In the meantime, I assembled the door and painted many wooden thingies , like wainscoting and window trims etc. It is all drying now . Also , the walls are being prepared for papering, which I hope to do tomorrow .

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