Tuesday, November 24, 2009

an exciting day and it has not even ended yet.

Today Dienke , one of the writers for a dutch DH magazine, came to see me and my "collection" for an article in the magazine.We talked a bit about how I had got into the miniatures hobby and what I am doing generally in minis ( mostly stitching and dressing dolls , in case you are wondering).
She took lots of pictures ; I hope they come out right .
( Of course , I had to photograph her , as well - in revenge)

Before she came , I wallpapered the teashop, so that it could dry in the meantime and I could trim the edges before getting on .
The etched windows are in the door now , and the moldings and mullions are drying after being painted and varnished, so I hope to apply those later tonight.

Latest tonight I will be a "host"at MSAT Minidolllist, where a bashing is going on ( again ).

(ooops , forget that : I am scheduled for tomorrow night ! Well , more exitement tomorrow )


  1. Thank you Dale !I am verrrry curious what it will look like ! :-)

  2. Zo, dat hou je goed bij, Elly, dat blog! Beetje vreemde foto, maar zo zal ik er ook wel uitzien....En over die hele tearoom hebben we het niet gehad!!!! dag, Dienke

  3. Iedereen ziet er altijd anders uit dan ie denkt op een foto...:-)Hij lijkt heus op je , hoor !