Monday, November 16, 2009

mini-ing : full steam ahead !

I have taken two weeks off- job ( had lotsadays to spare ) to work on minis , well mostly, that is.

One of the projects is the tearoom workshop by Cynthia Howe. I have a BIG carton in that tiny room where all thingies are stashed in , so if I want t get rid of the carton , I had better empty it.

,As it has to be done in steps , anyway , with drying and dewarping time in- between , I started to lay the floor today. Accompanied, of course , by my furry guardians..
Tomorrow , we hope to go on ( yep , all of us ) with the floor .


  1. Elly, looking forward to seeing this project as it progresses. Hope the kitties enjoy helping out! Love the flooring - is that an inset piece of parquetry? What is the rest of the floor made of? More details please - not that I'm nosey like some people I could mention, but we need details, you know lol! Sandie, gsolfot,PPers.

  2. Hi Sandra , thank you ! I know you are not nosey, although I have heard you are a member of a very nosey Yahoogroup :-)

    The first part you see is inlaid parquetry,fretwork, in fact (laser-cut). It fitted very nicely. The other planks are cherry-wood and were laid today( Thursday).The whole caboodle is now drying under weight to prevent warping(I hope).
    Cynthia had thoughtfully provided a lovely mitrebox, which I am extraordinarily happy with- I think I know what I want for my next birthday: some more of those loverly mitreboxes!!Bwaahaahaaa !

    And the cats LOVE me sitting there, one sleeping on the table, the other other watching me from the windowsill, or, alternatively , hanging in his basket on the radiator underneath the table.
    Number three will be laying on her back right behind me, on the floor, happily and loudly purring

  3. What a wonderful kitty workspace. I know they are a real help when it comes to all those tiny pieces. It looks like there are wonderful instructions that come with the project. Let's hope that by the end of the two weeks you will have many fewer boxes and lots more finished minis. Corky

  4. Bwaahaaa ! Corky , they LOVE this !! ( So do I , for that matter...)