Thursday, March 3, 2011

Of kitties and Kendrews...

Tuesday last I saw a guy who works in our hospital ; he is one of the technicians and very helpful. He is well liked by everyone, he loves his job.
I had asked him before to help me sort out some dolls house problem. Now I had annother one : my big "posh"house has ginormous stairs. However, after they had been painted ( and it is MDF, staining won't work), they had simply become just a shade too high, so that the door was always jammed tightly and it became hard to open the front properly.
So I asked him whether he would be able to shave a part off and today I took that thing ( only to be taken in the bag of a well-known scandinavian store ) out to the job. And now, after he has spoken to it, it sits much better!!!
And Fluffy , my little brat, loves that bag, of course... :-)


  1. Can't wait to see it and meet the kitties!!!! :-) Oh and the Big Bugger!!!!!!!!

  2. Gorgeous kitty! And what a nice chap to help out with the door to your lovely house. How about a progress photo here of the Boria?

  3. Sandra, not yet!! Three days to go before I will show my snail-progress on the Big Bugger !
    Elga, if everything goes allright you will at least meet this little brat and my fat red lady:-)I do not think Floris will make it,though.