Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wanna in El Paso

Meet another quirky miniaturist who is absolutely fond of telling stories - and does so quite well !!!
Wanna in El Paso .

Wanna does great jobs, creating stories , partly on her own , partly with her ( grand-)children. Fortunately she usually announces them on several lists.I am always careful to take some time to sit back , read and enjoy.

This is the latest creation she did with her grandchild Jenna...
A dragon who wanted a pet - the pet being a little girl. Dragon is devotedly studing a book on how to feed and take care of her (yes, it is a she-dragon , note the bow, the necklace and the painted nails !) pet. Bwhaahhaaa !!

The worst ( in my opinion ) she made is lady Fluenza, though. That story can be found here
It is one of the best stories I ever saw made up in miniature ! One gets the shivers reading this story and an immediate craving for aspirin.....

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