Sunday, July 5, 2009

more friends gifts...

The beautiful bedspread and roll cushion made for me by Petra.
Somehow I can hold a needle to dress dolls, but do not ask me to sew anything alse, neither in mini or in RL ( ask the drooping buttons of my clothes)
The beautiful cat cushion was made for me by Joan Wareing from Upholland, UK, with the motto "Cattitude is everything " Quite right, too!!!

The beautiful tatted tablecloths Winnie made for me. She is an artist , and a patient one .

The scratching cat on he kitty sofa was also given to me by Joan W. She feels guilty ( or threatened by me ) as she once had the courage to say that she did not like life-size-cats, so she is making amends, I am afraid..... !!! Haaahaaa !!!

That beautiful knitted little doll, which was taken up as a bedmate by a Bridget McCarthy cat, was given to me by Tineke. Also such an artist with the needles....Isn't it a sweet combination ?

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