Sunday, July 26, 2009

Made wire flowers today

After I had finished some small petitpoint projects ( more about that later ) I decided I was in a mood to mini-play, so I did.
I made two bunches of wire flowers , as per Shelly Norris's classes ; I have several of them lying about , but make them on- and-off, as I find time and/ or like to dos ome playing. It is addictive to do , however ; one can easily sit in front of the tv or on the balcony and just twist quietly.
I tend to use nail polish if I can get away with it , sometimes I use glue, like Shelly does ( and paint mixed in or to paint over ), or sometimes a combination of the two. This time I used white nailpolish with a wonderful sheen to create this Gardenia. I hope teacher will like it.
For those who want to know more about Shelly's work , look at the DHMS magazine , issue 183.

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