Sunday, November 10, 2013

the Rijksmuseum

This week I had a guest staying with me, Anne, Lisa's daughter. She wanted to visit the Rijksmuseum, so we went!

It had been closed for years for renovation, was reopened this summer. I did not fancy going there in summer, though, as Amsterdam is a tad busy with tourists , esp these places, so I hadn't been there yet.
We saw a lot of things- well, it is not exactly small. Fortunately , like in most museums here, photography is allowed (although preferably without flash), unfortunately though, I had forgotten to take my camera and ever tried holding an Ipad steady with one hand ? It won't do !

Anne took several pics for me and I hope to put them on here next week when she will be able to send them.

I downloaded these pics from the Rijksmuseum site. One can register there and happily download to one's heart's content.

(We also saw a lot of other "olde friends" in chest, silver , porcelain , etc....I had seen many of them before- in miniature ! Esp several inlaid "Barry Hipwell"chests :-) )

Here are some things we saw at the Rijksmuseum :

If you follow the links, you can zoom in wonderfully.

The Simplicia chest ( a collector's chest , actually, looking very much like a  miniature apothecary!)

Of course , the two Petronella houses ... 

The Petronella Dunois house 

and something I saw at Jens Torp recently - he just made a very limited edition of these! ( yessss, I do know where one of these went, gal)


  1. Sounds like you had a good time last week! That's great for healing ;-)
    The museum is great, don't you think? I loved the Simplicia chest. I went to a lecture on it in May (I believe), posted about it on my blog under 'museums'.
    And of course I loved the dolls houses. Next time I go to the museum I want to take my miniature oil chest (yes, I have one!!!) and photograph it with the original one behind it.
    Time is flying by, I want to come and visit, but my weeks seem to be filled with family matters...

    1. Hi Josje, not to worry about time flying by , I know the feeling. But if you want to know where the time has gone: it is all hanging out here! Never seen so much time in my life, it seems :-).
      I saw your post after I had written mine, mean to make a link to your wonderful description and pics tomorrow or so. And yes, I do remember you have this wonderful small chest. Looking forward to see the pic!

  2. Hi Elly,
    How nice to read about your experience of the Rijksmuseum!! I will be visiting it myself very soon.....really looking forward to see the dollshouse again in real life!
    Jens did an amazing job re-creating this miniature, with the help of 2 other miniaturists ofcourse!

    1. Yep , the porcelain is by Henny Staring , the box itself by Geoff Wonnacott, I think? The museum is really indpiring and it is such fun that one can see much of the collection online. Makes it easier to take in.