Sunday, November 3, 2013

Miniroomba driver

About half a year ago I bought a RL robot vacuumcleaner (now called Annie) . She does a great job keeping my living at least a tad neat, esp as I am now a bit handicapped, of course. Nice investment! (And well, I always hated vacuuming, anyway...)
There is one  funny video that went viral on youtube "Roomba driver" .
Inspired by this , Alice Zinn, a very gifted US miniaturist made a miniature Roomba driver.
You can find it at her website, scroll down, there is a video on the right 

so recently my cat lady got one from me as a thank you present, rehoming all the homeless cats I have provided her with over the years :-)

Here is my Roomba driver!


  1. Hi Elly! I bet that it would be fun, to piggyback on the top of that vacuum cleaner when it is in motion! :D Cats will do the craziest things won't they? I am glad that this vacuum has helped relieve you of having to overtax you healing arm! Who would have thought that this would have even be Possible 40 years ago??


  2. Elizabeth , that thing is a lifesaver! I am so glad I bought it . My house looks really OK now when I give Annie the run of it on a regular basis, it feels a lot better and I am a lot less dependant on others to keep it tidy.

  3. superleuk, al die katten! bevalt-ie goed, die robo zuiger? ik twijfelde of de kattenharen bij mij wel opgezogen zouden worden

    1. Nou en of!! De eerste keren zat hij steeds mudvol terwijl er pas gezogen was. Nu krijg ik er nog halve katten per keer uit :-)

  4. So cute, Elly, I hope you are fine!
    Best, Susanne

  5. Haha, what a fun post! Love all the cats!

  6. Elly, Peter and I laughed our heads off watching that uTube video, thanks for the link - it is hilarious. I'm not sure how well your mini roomba will be able to operate in the Cat Lady's house though with all those animals everywhere ;)