Sunday, August 25, 2013

Emmm, oh , well...

I have been off for a couple weeks again, the idea being that I would be on holidays , do lots of walking , stitching if possible and come home quite refreshed .

Well, it did not quite work out that way. I did go on holidays , but the on second day I  fell and crashed into my left upper arm bone, which was , basically , fragmented. An operation wasn't possible (medically, that is, you can trust Swiss orthopedists, believe me !), so there was nothing for it but immobilizing me for what is going to be-hopefully- 6 weeks and only then take up repairing jobs-which can be done in Amsterdam.

Me and car were (separately) repatriated and I am home again ; unfortunately , although I can at least use my left hand, the rest is not really fit for use , so no mini-ing for some time to come. Although I am looking into clamp-stands or frames for stitching....:)

here is the view that I had from my hospital bed. Not bad, let's be honest..If you have ever lain in a Dutch hospital or even visited and looked out of the window, this is BETTER !
As you can see, I took this pic just before it got dark.the view is into the Inn valley, village : Samedan; Pontresina to the left , St Moritz to the right (both not visible here)


  1. Get well soon!
    (And try to enjoy the view...)

  2. Wish you could go back to Switzerland for the operation!

    I hope you find a nice stand soon, except for a hoop in a stand that you need to steady with your left hand in any case, I haven't tried any of the others so I can give you no advice there. Hmmm, Mary Corbet has lots of info on her blog needle and thread, maybe you will find some good info there

  3. Hi Elly,
    What an awfull story!! Although the view is great it's a pitty that it was your view during the holiday. Get well soon!!

  4. Hello Elly,

    I am so sorry to hear about your arm and your ruined holiday. It must be very frustrating not to be able to work on anything while you are recovering. I hope you get well very soon. XXXXXXXX

  5. Dear Elly, I, too, am saddened to hear about your accident and injury. I hope you feel better soon. I'm sending good thoughts your way. xo Jennifer

  6. Thank you all for your sympathy. I am looking into a stand , the best I can find is available in the UK . Hope shipping cost is not going through the roof, though :-) . Here inNL I cannot find anything suitable , I am afraid . :-(

  7. OUCH, you poor dear, I can't imagine how much it must hurt to have a fragmented bone. Surgery yet to go too.

    We are your friends, we love your blog. Give us a pay pal button and let us click on it and help you with paying
    the postage for the embroidery frame! It would be more fun for us than sending cards and flowers to know we are making your recovery time a whole lot more fun.

  8. Hello Elly,
    I agree the view is beautiful, but I am so sorry you are not well. I will be thinking of you and wishing you a fast recovery.
    Big hug,

  9. Hi Elly! What a tragic disappointment and what an injury! You must have really taken a tumble! I hope that your arm mends quickly and well! I am so sad that this has happened to you, but best to let it mend completely than to try and rush it no matter how antsy you may get in waiting it out.


  10. hoi Elly,
    wat rot voor je dat je nu zo'n tijd uit de running bent.
    Hoop dat je geen pijn hebt!
    Van harte beterschap en sterkte!

  11. Hi Elly! What a shame that this happened during your holiday. I must be very frustrating to finally have time but not being able to do something. I keep my fingers crossed that your arm recovers soon and completely!
    Hugs, Sandra

  12. Again, thank you all! Karin, this is so sweet . Fortunately it is not necessary to pitch in, as the cost of shipping from the UK was very reasonable . Still, I really got tears in my eyes reading your most generous offer.
    I hope to visit the surgeon tomorrow and although I cannot expect too much as yet, I hope he may be able to give me an estimate of the timeline . But we will see.