Friday, September 13, 2013

Soldiering on :-)

After my recent adventure, I am still in shackles (hope to get free of them in 2 weeks). Of course, no mini-ing possible with left paddle pretty useless.

So I decided to buy a clamp and a frame for stitching, to use instead of my left hand. Bought it from Sewandso, an online shop in the UK , this was the stand I chose.
A friend helped me sewing the gauze into some cotton and setting up the frame , yesterday another friend came by and stretched the gauze a bit further. So now I am able to stitch , even if slowly ! This was where I left off inAugust :

and this is where I am now :-)

 (if you look very well, you can see that I am working on a background, the small flowers are more than I can handle for now. still , that background will keep me busy enough for the time being )


  1. Hello Elly,
    I do hope you get better soon. Hang in there!
    Big hug,

  2. I am glad to hear you are able to stitch now. I hope your hand is steadily improving.

  3. Nothing gets in the way of a creative mini! Your work is so pretty and no one would ever guess you did it single handedly!

  4. I'm seriously impressed by your progress with just one hand! I have a frame like yours, but not a stand and I found just the frame quite hard to deal with, there was no comfortable way to hold it, so a stand seems a great thing to add to my gadgets!

    1. Idske , since you live in the UK , Sewandso might be a very good option for your shopping. They also have a good floorstand .
      For the screws (bolts and nuts) you might be happy to use a "twizzler" , costs just a few bucks, is very handy! The same site sells these, too.

  5. Hi Elly! It is wonderful to have such helpful friends right now to help get the ball rolling and keep your mind and one good arm, occupied while the other one mends. It is so disappointing when plans for rest and relaxation go awry and leave you worse off, physically and emotionally and financially than before you started! Compounded fractures! All one can do is Trust that it will all right itself in the end. Your embroidery is beautiful both front and back! I am thankful that you are still able to do something in mini that will enable you to pass the time well.


  6. Hoi Elly,
    Wat een prachtig ontwerp voor een kleed!! Ik heb al zoveel spuuglelijke kleden gezien maar deze is wow! en je hebt al best veel gedaan. Wat een pronkstuk is dat als het af is

  7. Your work looks beautiful and I hope you are doing well in your recovery, just read about your fall and glad to hear you have such helpful and thoughtful friends around.

  8. Thank you all for your good wishes and encouragement ! am very glad at least being able to do something again, one gets tired of watching DVDs, reading and organizing the hard drive, which are basically the only things I can do right now besides taking care of household and laundry :-)

  9. Hi Elly, Glad you found some mini work you can do while recuperating. Hope you're fully healed soon. :-) xo Jennifer