Monday, August 5, 2013

Here I am again...

Finally !

I did not really blog anything during last weeks , as I did not have much to blog about! But I am working on a Nicola Mascall Aubusson carpet, which is spectacular , or will be when finished, but we have  a long way to go yet. Never made so many mistakes in my life ( and no, it is not her fault, entirely mine !) . But , gritting my teeth , I have finally made some headway  and here we go :

OK, I agree, it is not much to look at yet, but you'd better believe it : this took a lot of effort and time ! Still, I only started in earnest( this was the second go, I won't bore you with the story of my first attempt, which went hopelessly wrong) about 6 weeks ago.So I trust it will look better as time goes by.

Weather has improved ,as well, so my two little friends hang out on the balcony when they can. You did not think this is my chair , hm??

Note that belly little Tiffany has developed ??? Oh dear....


  1. Sorry the rug gave you so much trouble, I hope it is plain sailing from now on!

    Enjoy your time in the mountains!

    Of course it isn't your chair ;-)

  2. Aw, cuties! I'm looking forward to seeing your rug take shape! :D

  3. I am sure the rug will be worth every error as well as skills you will be able to use later.

  4. Nou je tweede poging lijkt nu wel goed te maakt me bang met je eerste poging want ik heb er ook nog eentje liggen van Nicola Mascall...een andere hoor, Deze is heel erg mooi . Voorlopig borduur ik zeer weinig dus ik geniet met jou mee!

    Groetjes en straks een fijne vakantie,


  5. Hello Elly! I am already impressed by your efforts. I admire any needlework that I see because I know just how much practice, patience and precision that is required for each project! Keep going and you will end up with something worthwhile.


  6. Hello Elly,
    I cannot imagine how much time it takes to make a project like this. you are off to a great start.
    Big hug,

  7. You have more patience than me to even start that rug! Oh, and your furbabies are so precious sleeping together! xo Jennifer

  8. Hoi Elly, ik ben al regelmatig langs je naam gekomen en vandaag -toen ik je blog zag- maar meteen volger geworden.
    Je Nicola Mascall tapijt gaat vast helemaal geweldig worden -ik vind het begin al mooi!-

    P.S.: Hi Giac and Elga! :)

    1. Welcome Gee, how nice of you to become a follower of my humble blog :-).

  9. Elly I really sympathize! I know what it is like when a rug seems to have a mischievious mind of its own. Now I hope that things settle down and this becomes the Adorable Aubusson it is destined to be without giving you any more trouble. As for the gorgeous kitties - we all know that cats tolerate us sharing their space, not the other way around ;) Hugs, Sandie

  10. Wat maak jij mooie borduurwerkjes
    groetjes Marja