Sunday, December 16, 2012


Grisly, grisly...

I recently obtained some nice whitewood furniture from Anne and Robin Lucas  Did stain it last week and then grunge again. Who said a miniaturist's life is simple ?

Most of it went into the pub. I made some extra pics as finally found out how to turn off that infernal flash on this camera, and there are some spooooky pics here.

                                                                 This is the bedroom....

and here Doris in her kitchen 

Diningroom with some forgotten guests

                                                                      Doris again


  1. Eeeeek, Help!!!! ;-)

    Well, now we know why Doris don't really have to cook, those guests are a bit past where food could do them any good.

    Wonderful work Elly.

    1. Thank you Elga ! Yes, it IS grisly, I agree :-) I have loads of fun working on and collecting for it. It is just starting to come together now, although I have had the house since about 12 years, somehow I now see how I want to have it and can collect and make things for it. Probably not too long before I might even add some doll made by me

  2. Hi Elly it looks wonderfull or should I say Spooky??
    Realy like your kitchen....I always like the kitchens the best...maybe because I'd like to talk about food and yes ofcourse eat nice meals ;-)
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Nice place for Visit..Great scenery atmosphere ...