Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It is becoming a tradition...

If it is possible in any way , I love to dress dolls during days-off, esp when they are two in a row. And this time of the year I usually dive into one of Kathi Mendenhall's patterns . They are not for the fainthearted , though....And my results are never, ever as good as Kathi's , whatever I do, but still...I think the result is OK.
The doll was bought at Michelle Mahler's.
For the hat I owe Hazel Dowd big time, as she provided me with a nice sturdy mold for making hats. Very useful!! Thanks Hazel ! I also had bought ribbon and lace from her at several fairs, which also came in very handy, as I had to switch from the original fabric to some from my stash ( and I think it is my friend Marlene who sent me this - it may have been Sis, though:-) One gets older...)
Believe it or not, this outfit represents two days of plain,solid,hard work . Doll hasn't got her purse yet, that will follow later. As, maybe , more decent pictures. But this is it for now!


  1. wat mooi gemaakt,Elly.... de veer op de hoed past er prachtig bij!

    Groetjes Helma

  2. She is LOVELY Elly! Although she does look like she is waiting to hold her purse (bwahahaha) Perhaps she could hold a cat while she is waiting for her purse to be completed? (smile).
    I hope you are having a fun and relaxing holiday! Shelly

  3. Oh, Elly - she's lovely! I love your character dolls cause they're such fun, but it's nice to see a pretty lady has a chance with you also. :) Her face is so pretty and I love her curly hair peeping out and I (who would never even ATTEMPT such a job as this!)think you've done a fantastic job. Kudos and bravo!

  4. I just typed a long comment and can't tell if it went through but for now I'll just say she's lovely and you have done a beautiful job dressing her. Bravo!

  5. She's beautiful Elly - you've done a great job as usual. I agree with Shelly though, she needs to cuddle a kitty :) Hugs Sandie