Sunday, December 16, 2012

and now: meet my grumpy wizard

                                           Who has gone to occupy my Four Candle's shop.
The doll was made by Sherri Colvin, I dressed the guy following a pattern recently published in DHMS .I think I must kick his clothes inside a little, as he sticks out of the shop now:-).
And yes, I am going to rearrange that wig :-)


  1. Like the scenery of your shop Elly.
    About his clothes...did you try to make them wet and pleat them a bit more? Then just let it dry and put him back in the shop....but only look out for his beard so a tiny plastic bag over his head for a while( I'm sorry mr. Wizzard!)

    1. Thank you Jeffry. Yes,I did,as a matter of fact, but I agree with you that an extra dose might be good for him. I use saranwrap over the head, as I use hairspray to fix the draping :-)