Sunday, March 25, 2012

Talk about coincidence...

I am back from Arnhem again ( miniature fair in case you don't know).
Had a  busy day. since I had set up to meet several lovely ladies, like Ginger and Peggy B. of Petit-Pointers, Debbie  and Marijke from Canada and Ann from the UK ( unfortunately forgot to take  a good shot of Ann) of CAMP.


                                                            Peggy B and Debbie

Debbie and Ann
Marijke  from Canada

A veritable rogue's gallery, as they say in CAMP.

Well, at the recent on-line show I had bought some miniature porcelain from a lady in Canada, who I had never heard of. Not so strange, it appeared , as she told me she only recently started out selling he porcelain outside her local miniature group.
I received the pieces last Friday  and they are wonderful ! The pictures cannot capture the wonderful translucence of the thin porcelain.

Well, what was so coincidental ? We happily bemoaned  the lack of miniature shops/supplies in our necks of the woods, hurraying the web in the meantime. Then Debbie ( I think) told us about a lady in her group who has just started out selling porcelain... well, you can guess. So I ask : "is that Jo Anne Shaw ?"And they say yes, it is !!! Canada is big, world is big and here I meet up with gals from her minigroup!

She has not got a a miniature website yet, but is working on it so keep a  beady eye out for her. I , for one, will!

On another note..

Still fighting with Ipad, but yesterday I downloaded a kitty game and now entertain Tiffany with it...

( if you look closely, you can see that there is a  mouse on the screen ,like this youtube video :-)


  1. How lovely to be able to meet all these talented ladies. The china pieces are gorgeous.


  2. Elly, what gorgeous buys - well, most of them lol! I love the macabre twist to your sense of humour. I could never in a million years buy a spider, they give me the creeps. We have enough of the real thing here in Aus. How nice to meet up with so many lovely people from different groups and places.

    Tiffany is one spoiled kitty getting an iPad to play with vbg!
    Hugs, Sandie