Monday, March 26, 2012

More on Arnhem

I just photographed the loot of my latest Arnhem raid ! Not in the houses as yet, as I want to place everything in it at my leisure.

dolls doll ( Dave Pennant)

                                        food, mice, skull, salads, one with slug (Georgia Marfels)

Glass vase ( Leo Reijnders)

Hourglass ( Reina Mab)

                                                                       Icebox ( Reina Mab)

                                                      kitchen furniture ( Karon Cunningham)


skull and rat ( Georgia Marfels)

                                                    rats and food ( Georgia Marfels)

                                                         wizardrats (Georgia Marfels)

And besides, a lovely doll kit by Helena Reijnen and some wonderful kits by Nicola Mascall


  1. Wonderful purchases! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Elly! It was lovely to meet you in Arnhem. There was no mistaking you for someone else with that sweater ;)
    You have found wonderful things. I love the mice Georgia Marfels makes. I've bought a pair of rooks from her this time. And who can resist Dave Pennant's dolls and teddies? I can't. I missed Karon Cunningham's table this time. The furniture is beautiful! ~Josje~

  3. Oh wat een prachtige aankopen heb je gedaan! Ik was er ook met mijn moeder. Ik heb nog bij die muizen er ratten staan te dubben maar ik ga het toch zelf proberen. Jammer dat het de laatste keer was in die kerk want ik vond het een gezellige beurs met hele mooie miniaturen.

  4. Wow - some really lovely things - the furniture is so delicate looking. You *DO* have exquisite taste! :o)
    Seems like you had fun, thanks for sharing!
    (((hugs))) Shelly

  5. Lovely loot Elly!!! Though there is a few things I would give a miss, like the skull!!!! ;-)

  6. Love all the mousies - they are so darned cute!! Now, the skull on the other hand is pretty gruesome. Is it going to be a playhouse for the mice? :) Your icebox and the chairs and settee are gorgeous. Looks like it was a successful spree and it's nice to see pictures of the folks you met up with.

    While here, I checked up on the most recent posts and your blog is a delight, as always.

  7. Die schattige popjes, ze zijn zo mooi.
    Ik vond de stoel en het bankje bij "Karon" ook schitterend, wat fantastisch dat jij ze hebt gekocht.

    Fijne avond, Groetjes, Alexandra.

  8. Thank you all for having a look and being happy with me about the lovely fair and the loot :-) . It is not in the houses yet, I want to take my time quietly putting everything in place and enjoying the process.
    The skulls are for my infamous robbers' pub , the Highwayman , a nasty place, for which I still want to make a rowdy gang of dolls.....